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To eco-conscious consumers, our safe and sustainable home accessories are inspired by the happiness and tranquility that only nature can bring. Our dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly solutions shines through in everything we offer, from the materials we source to the packaging we use.


Keystone Inspired Co. is a woman-owned business founded by Brittany McGaughan. After moving to Denver in the winter of 2019, Britt missed the scents of being outside in nature and the comfort of summers in the mountains and being on the water, that's when Keystone Inspired Co. was born. 

Our scents are calming and earthy and designed to inspire, energize or help you relax you in any environment.


With a passion for mindful living and sustainability, Keystone Inspired was created for those who put wellness first while being environmentally-conscious. 


Materials used are sustainable and simple to create high-end products that promote well-being and put a focus on mindfulness. 


 We hope you resume our eco-friendly process by recycling all packaging and continue to help the environment. 


Floridian, islander, recovering city-girl and mountain life attempter. Britt grew up on the water as a child and her love of nature has followed her throughout her life. 

After spending almost a decade in DC, she made the jump out west where she didn't know anyone, but wanted a simpler life inspired by the outdoors.

She believes that life is all about experiences and that's what candles provide for her. 

Scents are powerful and candlelight is calming. Being able to create an inclusive, safe, relaxing environment at home for all is what inspired her. 

Britt currently resides in Denver, Colorado with her two favorite guys, boyfriend Brady and rescue pup Declan.